QuotingBill - Facing Portal

QuotingBill - Facing Portal

When creating a customer, you automatically add a main contact which will be assigned as the owner. However, you can add more contacts through the customer menu options and grant them permissions to access the portal and make payments. If you need to give admin privileges, you can set the new user as owner as well.

Adding a new contact

A notification will be sent once the new contact is created. This is how the notification will look like.

The contact will have to set up the account by creating a new password.

After logging in, the user will be able to see the billing information of the account such as the current balance and the billing history. They will also be able to add a credit card to process payments.

Once the user adds a payment method, he will be able to pay the current balance of the account.

After the payment is processed the balance and invoice(s) status will be updated.

Finally, the user will be able to see the invoices history, which is a record of all the payments that have been processed.

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