QuotingBill - General Settings (Payments, Billing and Accounting)

QuotingBill - General Settings (Payments, Billing and Accounting)

Payment Settings

By using this functionality, you will be able to choose your preferred payment gateway app and assign it to a specific payment method.

You will have to access your profile and go to the general settings.

Notice that you will see all the payment gateway applications you have installed in the marketplace (authorize.net, stripe or IPpay). You can let QuotingBill know what is your preferred app for each payment method. 

Take into account that all payments that are processed through QuotingBill will fall under this configuration.

Billing Settings

On this section, you will be able to manage how to bill your customers. Notice that you can set the invoices to be automatically sent based on the date that was set when they were configured.

As shown below, you are also able to modify the invoice template by adding a text that will be displayed on every invoice that you send out to your customers.

Here you can also set the days for the system to start processing the payments (starting from the day invoices are sent).


Finally, you are also able to set the invoice due date (net terms) as a global setting, which means, it will apply for all customers.

If you want to be up to date with what the QuotingBill community is suggesting for our product, or even suggesting something yourself that you don't see here, please visit our roadmap page here https://roadmap.quotingbill.io/

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